Hi, I’m Ali

Curious by nature, with an obsessive eye for detail and an inherent passion for interiors,
I bring creativity to life - for individuals and brands, both visually and in words.



I believe in creating freely & encourage others to follow their heart to design the home, life & career that they dream of too... 

I have spent the past 20 years working as a writer, stylist, interior designer and creative consultant.
My multi-disciplinary skill set is unusually diverse, and has become synonymous with creating unique and memorable creative content for myself, editorial magazines, book publishers, retailers and independent creative businesses. 

Discover my new interiors book CREATE and my first bestselling book, CURATE.

Get in touch to discuss how I can help you, or to book a 1:1 consulting session where I can tailor support to help you realise your own creative ambitions and projects. Browse my latest interior press features and new interior design projects, or simply look for inspiration on the gallery and shopping pages.

I hope you enjoy! Ali x x


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I have followed a very non-linear career journey myself - with successful early roles in retail, marketing, sales and heading up new business for a leading marketing agency. Before leaving in 2002, to set up my own antique business. Since then my work has evolved creatively as a writer, stylist, consultant and author.

What I'm 


Creating spaces, stories and brands, that reflect the individual's journey and style. When you create intentionally for yourself or the person behind the brand it feeds your imagination, and directly impacts on your happiness and well being.  

What I'm 

obsessed with

Style is intuitive - it doesn't need to be forced you just have to go with what feels good. When you get it right it's like adding magic to your day to day. Atmosphere is often overlooked, but it is as important as the aesthetic - so light some candles, display what you love, and put on some tunes that make you happy. 

What I'm 

not about

For me the process of creativity and great design does not need to feel precious, inaccessible, or about someone's ego.  Instead it should feel real, fun, authentic, enriching, and true to you. To turn ordinary into extraordinary you don't have to have big budgets you just need to get creative.

what I


I believe everyone has the ability to be creative - you just need to give yourself permission to unlock your potential; learn to ignore the trends, follow your heart and trust that you are good enough.

MY home VIBE

Old + new always

Natural textures + materials

Art, ceramic, books + textile obsessive!

the dream  is not to  live  forever but 
to CREATe  Something that can.  

Brand collaborations

Contributing Editor +
Creative Consultant
to The White Company for their second book, The Art of Living With White. Published by Mitchell Beazeley, Sept 2022.


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