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Hi I'm ali heath A multi-disciplinary INTERIORS EXPERT

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Old + New + Handmade + Nature + Books + Scent + Art + Texture 
= Atmospheric, Intriguing, Curious, Unique

MY style philosophy

Write down your ideas + thoughts - they often come at the most unexpected times so save them before they move on.

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Dream Big, & remember before calm there is always chaos




CURATE - is a best selling collaboration between, UK writer and stylist, Ali Heath, Australian stylist Lynda Gardener and Australian photographer Marnie Hawson, and reflects their shared love of monochrome interiors, the joy of natural imperfections and an obsession with curating their homes with unique treasured finds.

Ali has peppered the book with lots of informative break-out ideas, that will encourage you to create a timeless home, and it is intended as a resource that you will feel inspired to keep coming back to.

Published June 2021, Octopus Books

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Ali was commissioned to work as Contributing Editor and Creative Consultant for The White Company and Octopus Books, on their second book The Art Of Living With White. 

Published September 2022




The idea is not to live forever but to create something that will.

Be individual, curious and give yourself
permission to be guided by what makes you tick.

Everything does not need to be perfect.
Imperfect wins every time.


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