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In CREATE, the highly anticipated new book by Ali Heath, she encourages you to think imaginatively about how to bring together old and new at home. Whilst giving you the confidence to let go of perfection, live the life you imagine, and to create freely in your own unique, more sustainable way.

Featuring the homes of interior designers, creative business owners and international tastemakers, including Alex Legendre, Anna Unwin, Anton & K, Alex Legendre, Bee Osborn, Coombs Hill, Clarence & Graves, Ecoco, edit.58, Malene Birger, Matthew Cox and Marianne Evennou -  each space reveals how the owners unique creative paths have influenced their mix of old and new.

Filled with stunning imagery that ranges from calm, whitewashed spaces to more earthy and colourful interiors, this book will act as a guide that you will want to keep returning to. 

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“Ali has an exceptional eye for interiors, coupled with a diverse set of unusual skills. She manages to source and discover exceptional houses, with a unique combination of style, warmth, accessibility, and photogenic qualities.”

Ali also has a rare gift for art directing and styling a photo shoot, finding the best photographers to bring a great story to fruition - mixed with the unusual combination of being able to write beautifully too. She is undoubtedly one of the best, most consistent and versatile stylists working today, and her new book CREATE is testimony to that.

— Ben Kendrick: Editor, Modern Rustic; Homes and Style Director, Country Living magazine

“It’s clear the spaces and wisdom featured
in CREATE, come from the heart.”

— Nicole Gray: Interiors Editor, YOU magazine

“Ali has an incredible eye for beautiful interiors that are full of elegance and interest, but still also homely, heartfelt, and personal.” 

In CREATE, she shares how to style spaces that somehow make life feel that bit more gorgeous, whether that's by finding your perfect colour palette, displaying treasures and vintage finds, or arranging furniture. And the pages are full of beautiful, real home case studies for ideas and inspiration.

— Andréa Childs: Editor, Country Homes & Interiors

“I knew that I'd love CREATE before
I even opened the front cover - everything Ali does is pure interiors gold. And yet, this her second book, even surpassed my expectations.” 

The beautifully curated, styled, photographed, illustrated (how lovely to see) and written homes, all provide a gentle 'nudge', as Ali writes, into creating our own unique spaces. But they are only part of this inspiring journey, with Ali's expertise in mixing old with new, combining colour palettes, working with textures, building collections, and appreciating the crafted, giving that extra style support and confidence needed to create a unique home that just says 'you'. 

- Jennifer Morgan: Contributing Editor Homes & Gardens 

 It is another masterclass by Ali Heath in creating soulful
spaces that sing with warmth and cut their own design path.

“CREATE by Ali Heath is not just a book, it is a portal to the British, European, and Australian countryside, where you step-in to the most beautiful, layered interiors.”

If you love the stunning juxtaposition of old and new, this is the only book you need. If I could live in the pages of Ali Heath’s CREATE, I would.

— Samantha Wills: Writer, Creative, Author ‘Of Gold & Dust’

“Ali has worked her magic and masterfully curated a collection of beautiful homes that truly reflect Old + New. A talented, passionate stylist, and an articulate writer,
Ali weaves a story that encourages you to let go of perfection - showing you how to be completely distinctive and unique, with her valuable creative insights and direction.”

— Lynda Gardener: Interior Decorator and Stylist

“Ali Heath's upcoming interiors book, Create, is a true celebration of mixing the old and new in design
and style. ” 

With her keen eye for detail and undeniable creative talent, Ali captures the soul of interiors in a way that is both inspiring yet also attainable. Get ready to embark on a journey that will ignite your imagination and leave you craving more.

- Marnie Hawson: Australian Photographer

I think anyone reading CREATE will learn all there is to
know about mixing old and new, inspired to create a home
that will always feel well-loved, lived in, and truly their own. 


'This gorgeous book marries inspirational ideas with real interiors, to help you curate a home that reflects your personal story and style.'

'A paradise for the curious, Lynda and Ali present an interior perspective so cosy that you already feel you live there. Textural spaces cleansed in monochromatic hues – with ideas that invite your imagination to consider home and collections in a new light.'

‘Two of the most sought-after creatives, working together from opposite ends of the world, which has resulted in the most inspiring book.’

'A must-read for all confirmed monochromist or mono-curious design aficionados, Ali and Lynda's new book confirms that an
edited colour palette is everything but monotonous.'

‘What a joy this book is to flip through and let sink in. At once inspirational and, yet, still approachable, Ali’s beautiful words and Lynda’s gorgeous style come together to create the sort of worlds you want to dive right into and live in forever.’

‘Every page of Curate is filled with an inspirational overload both in pictures and words. Working with texture, layers,
colour and special personal touches it is a pure feast for the eyes.’ 

‘Everyone knows that to live amongst books is a gift. Curate is one of those books you will come back to, like a time worn painting,
its contents are rewarding, rich and encourage you to chase your own unique style of domestic bliss.’  

‘The beautiful interiors captured in Curate are layered with a sense of nostalgia and nurture. This is what makes a house a home.’

'I personally cannot wait for forthcoming book, Curate, as it will be brimming with generosity
and interiors knowledge, while being revealing and full of heart.'

Kate Watson-Smyth – Journalist, Blogger, UK

Sally Bailey – Founder of Baileys Home, UK

Martyn Thompson – Designer, Photographer, Creative Director, UK/Aus

Hilary Robertson – Interior Stylist, Writer, US

Lindsey Bro - Writer, Creative, Founder @cabinlove, US

Hans Blomquist – Stylist, Art Director, Set Design, Sweden

Megan Morton – Interior Stylist, Masterclass Instructor, Studio Owner, AuS

Sibella Court – Stylist, Shopkeeper, AuS

Kara Rosenlund - Photographer, Stylist, AUS 

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